A New Furry Friend!

Ever since Abby the Companion Cat (of The Abby Chronicles) died last year, we’ve been missing the company of a feline. Last month Georgie Girl, or just Georgie, moved in. Georgie Girl is about 1 and 1/2 years old, which in human years, makes her a teenager. She is truly a “people cat” which is unusual because she lived outside for most of her young life, but she knew the kindness of humans due to my friend Sue and her family.

(Georgie Girl, in a rare quiet moment, cat-napping on what has become her prime sleeping spot–the rocker in the living room.)

I expect Georgie Girl to make more appearances on the blog next year. For now, I thought it would be fun to at least post her picture.

P. Booher


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7 responses to “A New Furry Friend!

  1. What a wee cutie indeed…sleeping peacefully. it seems you have been adopted.😁

    • scribelady

      Yes, we have adopted her, and she has adopted us! I called my friend Sue and told her that we wanted a cat. Sue told me about Georgie Girl, and we thought she would be a good fit for us, so Sue and her husband brought GG over.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Yes, Georgie Girl has adopted you! I look forward to reading your transcripts of her thoughts.

    • scribelady

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I plan to feature Georgie Girl more in the new year. She’s a smart cat, like Abby, so she’ll have plenty to say! 🙂

  3. Welcome Georgie Girl! She looks incredibly soft and cuddly. So glad you are getting to enjoy the love of a cat again.

    • scribelady

      Georgie Girl is soft and cuddly. Unfortunately she seems think it’s cool to swat items off the shelf, piano, or wherever, and watch them fall! She is having way too much fun!

      • I shouldn’t laugh but I can just picture the joy Georgie must have batting items and watching them fall. Cats certainly have a way of spicing up a household. This year our cat made our Christmas tree part of her morning race through the house. We could hear it rattling as she leapt through the middle of its branches. (She wised up to perching in it after a few sprays with the water bottle that said she knew she wouldn’t get sprayed if she made a passing run through it. LOL)

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