A Note About Posts on “Country Ripples”

Some of you may be wondering where my posts have been. I’ve been experiencing technical problems in getting posts published. Whether this is due to my internet connection (I live in a somewhat rural area, with lots of hills and valleys, so topography could certainly play a part) or something else, I don’t know. But I run into problems when WP is saving the draft–then the connection seems to “go in and out”. I don’t know how else to explain it. I may be typing merrily along, thinking the whole draft is being saved, only to find out later that just half of the post has actually been saved, and I need to input the rest all over again. That, my friends, causes much frustration, because I do want to publish posts!! Sometimes it produces enough frustration that I give up for the evening. It is also frustrating because I don’t know what to do about the situation.

Be assured that I do want to continue with the blog. I enjoy writing pieces and reading your comments. As the ripples in my header picture illustrate, the blog is a means to connection, and that means a lot to me.

P. Booher


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13 responses to “A Note About Posts on “Country Ripples”

  1. I have been missing your posts. I can only try to understand your frustration in these circumstances. Can you complete your posts offline on a basic typing app or Google docs maybe? That way you would have a completed post that just needs downloading?
    May our Father God guide you through these difficulties.

  2. What Alan said.

    Longer posts have issues with wordpress: I always type up longer texts in word, then copy it across, saving much frustration.

    All that is to say that I get your frustration.

    Keep on keeping on

    Andy B

  3. Did you also know you can email your posts to wordpress. That would bypass your issue entirely…

  4. Oh that is frustrating! I’ve missed your posts and am glad that it is a technical issue and not a health issue or writers block issue. I’ve never attempted to create a post from scratch on wordpress for fear of loosing the draft- exactly what your experiencing. I always type it up in word or google docs than copy and paste into WP.

    • scribelady

      I need to start typing the draft into Word, then put it into WP. If it saves frustration, it’s worth taking the extra time!

  5. I often write straight into the Word Press site, but click “save draft “ frequently. I understand your frustration!

    • scribelady

      I guess I’ll not depend on the “Autosave” feature. My problem is I get “carried away” writing, and forget to click “save draft”. By the time I remember, the connection goes “in and out”.
      Thanks for understanding!

  6. scribelady

    Thanks for understanding and the suggestions as well.

  7. I have missed you, which is what led me to search for your post this morning. Ahrg! Technology! I usually have more difficulty with uploading pictures. I, like others have mentioned, create my posts in a word processing platform like Word and then copy and paste into Word Press. For those of us who live out ‘in the boonies’, internet can be a challenge. Blessings, my friend.

    • scribelady

      As I say at work, “Technology is wonderful when it’s working; it’s terrible when it’s not.” (People laugh and agree with me).
      A friend of mine encounters the same problem I do when trying to comment on articles in a different program than WP. She said she takes awhile to write her comment because she tries to make it as clear as possible, and then runs into the problem with the saving part. Like me, she lives in a rural area, so I think that could contribute to the problem.

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