What I Am Enjoying Now

  1. Looking up in the night sky and recognizing some constellations like Orion the Hunter, Cassiopeia, and the Big Dipper.
  2. Daffodils blooming
  3. Hearing that red-winged blackbirds are back. I haven’t seen any yet, but I heard the birds are in the area.
  4. Reflecting on God’s providence for our household, especially in the past few years. Thinking about how God provided in the past decreases anxiety related to future needs and wants.
  5. Moments spent petting Georgie Girl, our new feline
  6. God is opening my faith up. I am practicing praying for situations, and then thanking Him for the victories before I see them. (Philippians 4:6,7) This gives me peace; I have given them to the One Who is able to do something about them.
  7. Blogging!  🙂
  8. Talking to friends on the phone
  9. Learning more about writing
  10. Looking forward to more things to enjoy!
  11. Reading
  12. Hearing robins chirping when I come home from work

©P. Booher

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