How did you get into blogging?

Well, my good friend Sue asked me to write content for her blog, “The Squirrelseye”. I said, “Sure”. That was several years ago. Before then, I didn’t even know what a blog was.

When did you get your own blog?

For awhile I contributed to “The Squirrelseye”, and I was happy doing that. Later on I thought, “Someday I’d like to have my own blog.” One evening I mentioned this to Sue, and “someday” came a lot sooner than I thought it would: 3 days later Sue emailed me that she had started a blog for me. She called it “The Country Penny”. She transferred posts I’d written for “The Squirrelseye” to “The Country Penny” so there would be content for people to read. She told me the title and about everything else could be changed, if I wanted. If it hadn’t been for Sue, I’d still be waiting for “someday”.

When did you change the title?

I think it was December 2016. Over twenty years ago I snapped a picture of ripples on a nearby creek. When looking for a new header picture I came across that one, and voila!—the new title “Country Ripples” was born.

What’s “Country Ripples” mean apart from the ripples in the water?

You can see in the picture the ripples in the water touch one another. “Country Ripples” means my reflections (thought-ripples) on life.  When you read a post, perhaps my reflections will set off ripples of your own. It means connection.

Why do you have the number “1” in the blog address?

Not long after I renamed the blog I discovered there is a needlework or crochet pattern named “Country Ripples”. One lady commented she came on my blog by accident; she was looking for the pattern. So I put the “1” in there to avoid confusion.

Do you write all the posts yourself?

Occasionally I re-blog posts I come across, so no, I haven’t written all the posts. Please note that any time a post is re-blogged, WordPress automatically places the original author’s name and picture above the post. Any credit should go to that author, not to me.

What’s your aim for the blog?

I hope people will consider this a place they can come to relax—maybe look at pictures of beautiful country scenery, or read a humorous piece (as with The Abby Chronicles). If they want to read something more introspective, or perhaps book reviews, or some tips on saving money, well, that’s here too.

©P. Booher

Ripples in a Country Creek

Photo Credit: Author

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