I launched into the blogosphere when my good friend Sue asked me to contribute articles for “The Squirrelseye”. One evening as we talked I mentioned I’d like to have my own blog “someday” when I had more time to set it up. (I work outside the home, leaving me limited time to pay attention to my own projects.) “Someday” came sooner than I thought it would. A few days after our conversation Sue emailed me to say she had started a blog for me. Thus, “The Country Penny” was born.

As you can guess, I live in the country, and one of the joys of life in the country is that I never know what birds and animals I’ll see when looking out the window. As for the “Penny” part, it’s been my experience anybody and everybody likes tips for saving money!

Since writing the above words way-back- when, I’ve decided to change the title and the focus somewhat of this blog. I still live in the country, and that continues to inspire me. Several years ago I snapped a picture of ripples in a nearby creek. That picture led to the new name for this blog–“Country Ripples”. While I still plan to include tips for saving money,  “Country Ripples” means my reflections on life. I invite you to read and see if my reflections set off ripples of your own.

Occasionally I re-post articles from other bloggers that I believe are worth taking the time to read or, in the case of photos, to look at and enjoy.

I hope you will consider this site a place you can come to relax, and the time you spend here as being worth it.

©P. Booher

Ripples in a Country Creek

Photo Credit: Author

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