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Friday Photos–Town Cat, Country Cats, II

The title for this post is a misnomer, in that there’s no town cat, just country cats.

This is Boots. He was my neighbor’s cat. When she died, he came to live with us.
This is Little One. She was a sister to Pumpkin and Shorty (seen in the back). Like them, she was born in the wild. Unlike them, she never quite got used to being inside. She was always a bit on the nervous side.
This is Black Kitty. She was wild, but eventually, through some unusual circumstances came inside, and accepted being an indoor girl.
This is our current feline, Abby. A friend of mine rescued Abby literally off the street. Eventually Abby came to live with us.

All photos: Author’s collection.

P. Booher

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Friday Photos–Town Cat, Country Cats

Snowball was a town cat for most of his life. When we moved to the country, he came along.
Spotty was born outside, but adapted well to indoor life.
Babe was Spotty’s one and only kitten. She lived to be almost twenty years old.
We were pretty sure Mandy had lived in a house at some point, but when we first saw her, she was walking up the railroad tracks.
Shorty, “laying around and hanging out”. He was one of Mandy’s kittens.
Pumpkin was Shorty’s brother. After he got used to me, he didn’t mind getting “up close and personal”.
Tiger was another one of Mandy’s litter. He was eleven months old when he came into the house to stay. He was scared at first, but adjusted well to the indoor life.

All photos: Author’s collection.


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Friday Photos–Snowy Walk

Black Kitty “hoofing it” through the snow. Black Kitty eventually gave up the wild life, and moved inside.
The woods, the creek, and the old railroad bridge.
Snow and trees all over!
Under the pine tree
Creek and woods

All photos: Author’s collection

©P. Booher

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Friday Photos–Country Kittens, II

Duchess grabbing table leg

Duchess: “I’m going to hide by this table leg, and no one will find me!”

Duke and Duchess playing

Duchess and Duke: “We’re NOT fighting! We’re playing!”

Duke and Duchess beside food dish

Duchess and Duke: “Do you think she’ll fill it for us?”

Author’s Note: Recently I discovered these pictures my friend sent me awhile back of the sibling kittens she adopted. Kittens can’t help being cute, so for those who like cats and cuteness, here’s some pictures.



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Friday Photos–Country Kittens


Duchess–“Why did you shine that light in my eyes? I’m sleepy!”




Duke–“I’m so sleepy!”


Duchess–“I’m alert now!”

A friend adopted Duke and Duchess awhile back.  They played vigorously with each other, toys, and the furnishings, fell asleep where they were, then woke up and were at again. They had fun; we had fun watching them. Nothing like watching kittens for stress relief!

All photos: Author’s

©P. Booher


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Friday Photos–Cats in Odd Places

People who own cats, or shall I say, are owned by cats, know felines have the ability to get comfortable in strange places.

Here’s a few examples–

Shorty in pan


Shorty sleeping on the wooden bookcase

Shorty, laying around and hanging out

Mandy on tv

Mandy, on tv!

P. Booher


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Friday Photos–Cats in the Country

Here are some “family photos” I thought cat lovers might enjoy seeing.

Black Kitty

Black Kitty, a feral cat who finally adapted to living inside

Pumpkin, Up Close and Personal

Pumpkin, on the swing beside me

Shorty cooling it

Shorty, in a very casual pose, beside his brother Pumpkin. Shorty looked pudgy, but he was all muscle, not fat.

Steffy, a portrait

Steffy, who didn’t come inside until she was six, but adapted well.

P. Booher

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The Abby Chronicles–Abby Goes to the Kitty Doctor (Round 2)


Here I am, ready to write my story!

Chapter XI

I went to the kitty doctor today. I’ve been sneezing and my humans decided I should go to the vet’s. So my humans put me in the carrier and the carrier and me in the car, the car said, “Vroom!” and off we went.

The vet and her assistant were very nice, particularly since they kept putting treats on the table.  Believe me, I kept eating them, too! They were lip-smacking good! (Last time I wrote about being at the vet’s, I forgot to tell you they gave me treats.) I really like that vet. Continue reading

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The Abby Chronicles–Abby “Guarding” Her Food


Here I am, ready to write my story!

Chapter X

This is Abby’s secretary. I am taking over The Abby Chronicles for today. I sneaked a photo of Abby guarding her food to post.


I’ll make sure NOBODY takes my food!

P. Booher



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Friday Photos–Babe, A Memorable Purrsonality



Babe came into the world on my bed. (Talk about a soft life! ) She was Spotty’s one and only kitten. At first we called the kitten “Spotty Jr.” Then we decided the kitten needed  a more dignified name. As my mother said, the kitten was Spotty’s babe, so the kitten was christened “Babe”.

Babe remained small in stature throughout her life, which lasted a long time. (Had she lived another week she would have been twenty years old.) People seeing her thought she was a kitten, but no, she was built small.

Babe made up for her small size by being large in determination and persistence. Because we lived then, as we do now, near a busy road, when Babe went outdoors she did so on a leash. She accepted this fact without much ado. She  expressed her desire to go outside by putting her paw on the door knob and meowing, “Me-out, me-out”. (At least, that’s what it sounded like). So I put the leash on her and took her out, either to tie her up or to go for a walk with her.

Babe’s greatest feat while tied was jumping up and catching a hummingbird. I saw the last part of that incident, too late to help the unfortunate bird. To this day I wonder how Babe was able to get a hummingbird, as fast as it darts back and forth.

Babe and I spent many hours walking on the property. Together we explored the area. She poked her paw in a hole, felt around in the hole, and when nothing came out, moved on. She sharpened her claws on any available tree or bush; she stared at a bird, mouth open, tail swishing; she jumped at a butterfly. We could walk over the same space for days in a row and she was never bored. Everyday she saw something of interest.  She taught me that  you can find joy and excitement in little, everyday adventures without ever leaving home.

Babe lived life to the fullest, despite the restraints of being confined to a house or a leash. Since she couldn’t do anything about those restraints, she adjusted to them and enjoyed life anyway–which is another lesson I can use.

I lived with other cats before Babe came along. But she was the first one to teach me lessons about life.

©P. Booher





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