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Georgie Girl Reports: Advice to Young Cats Living with People

Georgie Girl, taking a brief catnap

For cats, particularly younger cats hanging out with people, keep these points in mind:

  1. Whatever a human does is done better when supervised by at least one feline.
  2. To give proper supervision, the feline must get as close to the human’s work as possible, even if it means sitting on the human’s shoulder. If the human gets upset (if he or she hisses at you–ie.–blows in your face) then adjustments can be made. Sometimes I jump over to a box a few feet away from the computer, and watch as the human (aka my secretary) types. This is acceptable to the human.
  3. Cats are not “bad”. Nor do they “misbehave”. If the people you hang out with call you “bad” or say you are misbehaving, ignore these comments. They are not true. You are exercising your curiosity. I want to remind my fellow felines that curiosity indicates intelligence. If a human makes a disgusting (by “disgusting” think of a stinky litter box) comment about your intelligence, you can ignore that one too. It is not true. Cats are smart! Who should know better than a cat!

Georgie Girl

P. Booher, secretary

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Georgie Girl Reports: Georgie Girl Introduces Herself

Georgie Girl catching a catnap

Hi! I’m Georgie Girl. One of the people I hang out with wanted to call me “Georgina” but I quickly indicated my name is Georgie Girl. “Georgina” is dignified. Who wants to be dignified when you can have fun?! I’m a playgirl! I live for fun, fun, fun!!

I know the picture above doesn’t show me in a “fun” mode. I said to my secretary that I need a better picture, to give readers a more accurate representation, because I don’t always sleep. People could get the wrong idea. She asked if I wanted one which shows me redecorating the bookcase, or climbing the wall. I said I wasn’t climbing the wall, I was exploring it. But then I decided that might give readers an even more inaccurate idea about me. So I said to leave the picture there.

Speaking of fun (my favorite thing to talk about): it is so much FUN to swat an object off a shelf and watch it fall to the floor. You get to hear the thud it makes when it falls. That is so cool!! One of the people I hang with kept a cup filled with pens, pencils and markers on a shelf near the computer. It was so much fun to swat the cup. The cup hit the floor and the pens, pencils and markers scattered everywhere. Some of them rolled on the floor. That was even more fun because I could swat them again. I gave the people a chance for exercise because they got to pick up the pens, pencils and markers. Lately, though, I haven’t seen the cup around. I wonder why?

Georgie Girl

P. Booher, secretary


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