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Guest Post on Inspire Writers

Photo Credit: Kaitlyn Baker

I have a guest post on Inspire Writers website. If anyone would like to check it out, it can be found at:

P. Booher


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Re-blogging: Love Limit?

This is a reblog from All Haiku, from Davids Daily Dose.

All Haiku

Photo by Gary Fultz on Unsplash

Is there a limit

for unconditional love?

“I think not,” says God.

But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Romans 5:8 (NIV)

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Re-blogging: Nobody Knew His Secret Ambition

I am reblogging this from David’s Daily Dose. It is worth taking the time to watch “Secret Ambition”.


Blogger Beth Alison, from Lessons from a Lab, shared a post yesterday about the Christian’s new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Christ from the dead. A Moment with Our Creator: 1 Peter 1:3 closes with Beth’s request for her readers to share their favorite Easter song.

Musically, Easter brings to mind a favorite tune from back in 1988, Secret Ambition, by Michael W. Smith. The last line of the chorus summarizes the whole song:

🎶 Nobody knew His secret ambition was to give His life away.🎶

Michael W. Smith

I grew up Baptist, and the Passion of Christ (the events from the night before his crucifixion until his death on the cross) was not emphasized. Nevertheless, during the Easter season the Holy Spirit draws me to passages, like Isaiah chapter 53, where Jesus is described as our Suffering Servant.

He was arrested and sentenced…

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Re-blogging: Black Bear Visit

My friend at The Squirrelseye had a visit from local wildlife today.


Bear at the bird feeding station

The deer that frequent our yard and the stray cats have been acting a little strangely for the last couple of days, and I began to suspect that a large predator was in the vicinity, and this morning my new neighbor’s garbage looked as though it had exploded. (I forgot to tell her about the kitty litter on top of the garbage bag trick.) My suspicions were confirmed when I looked out my bedroom window and saw this young fellow. Weighing in at about 150 to 200 pounds, he isn’t the biggest bear I’ve seen in my yard, but he was certainly the least timid. He even stepped to the window to say hello, which made me a little nervous, I must confess. Especially when my cat Boots jumped up to the sill and started to paw at the window. I wish the photos…

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Re-blog: Be Careful for Nothing!

This is a reblog from Devotional Treasures. It’s good thoughts and worth sharing.

Devotional Treasures

I am pleased to introduce a guest post by brother Bruce Cooper, one the brethren filling in for me while I am busy preparing for a family wedding. Bruce’s writes regularly on his blog Reasoned Cases For Christ. Bruce majors in apologetics and defending the faith, with frequent Bible Studies, all of which I have found instructive and a blessing to me. I would recommend following Bruce’s blog to anyone who is seeking Biblical instruction. Here is Bruce’s post for you today.

“Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.”

Philippians 4:6 (KJV)

“Be careful for nothing”, or as the NIV says “but in every situation”.

Do you remember the scripture verse where Jesus says “Here I am! I stand at the doorand knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door,I willcome inand…

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A Surprising Reason for Surprising Behavior

In this post here, I mentioned my mother’s uncharacteristic behaviors last spring and summer.

At first I thought it might be due to side effects from her two COVID vaccines. Her doctor did too after an MRI of her brain and a carotid artery scan didn’t reveal any abnormalities. Then I thought it might be the beginnings of dementia. That provoked enough anxiety in me, as her only child, to make me wonder if I was going crazy.

As the summer wore on, new problems appeared. Her leg strength weakened, and she needed my help in going to and from the bathroom. Since my mother refused to see her PCP, but agreed to physical therapy, he sent her to physical therapy to build up leg strength. But the physical therapist noted that she seemed to be lacking energy and be run down.

In late August my mother was admitted to the hospital for bleeding. Following an endoscopy and colonoscopy she was diagnosed with a bleeding ulcer. With that diagnosis, the doctors prescribed medication to cut down on stomach acid, and an iron supplement to raise her hemoglobin to proper levels.

Since a leaking ulcer reduces blood flow to the brain, cognitive and other processes are affected, and since blood flow is reduced to other parts of the body, physical strength becomes limited.

I am glad and relieved to be able to write that my mother is doing better than she has in a long time. I post this to give a heads-up to anyone who thinks an older relative or friend is developing dementia. Before jumping to conclusions, have a medical doctor check the person out. There are other, treatable reasons for strange behaviors.

©P. Booher


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Re-blog: From Lessons from A Lab: A Moment with Our Creator: Isaiah 9:2

I think this is well worth sharing.

Lessons from a Lab

“The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; On those in the land of the shadow of death, a light has dawned.”

-Isaiah 9:2

Dear Reader, may you experience and walk in the light and love of Jesus this Christmas season and in the new year to come. Sincerely, BethAlisan

My blogging friend GW at His Eye is on the Sparrow, a blog I highly recommend, introduced me to the work of singer/ songwriter Simon Khorolskiy. For this advent season, I share with you Khorolskiy’s rendition of one of my favorite Christmas carols. Merry Christmas!

© 2019-2021, Lessons from a Lab, Beth Alisan. All RightsReserved.

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Re-blog: How to be Happy

I came across this post on Mitch Teemley’s site. Hope you enjoy it, too.

Mitch Teemley

happiness-under-his-feet-in-public-domainMy Thanksgiving holiday sketch GrrAttitude is about a married couple having one of those nothing-to-be-thankful-for days. Ever have one of those? (The incident below really happened to my wife and me.)

The setting is a laundromat:

“So,” he observes, “our marriage outlasted our washer and dryer.”

“What are the odds?” she snarks.

“Of our marriage lasting?”

“No! Of our washer and dryer dying within two days of each other!”

“Actually, I think it’s kind of touching, like when old couples die so close together because they can’t bear to live without each other.”

Like them, my wife and I drove to the laundromat every week back when we were first married. We thought it was pretty great just having a partner to–literally–share the load with. But that was then. This is now. Have you ever noticed how your happiness baseline constantly shifts? It’s based on what you’re currently used to…

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Re-blog: What I Have in Common with the Bodie Island Lighthouse

Thought this was worth taking the time to read.

Sue A. Fairchild | Editor, Writing Coach, Speaker

I’m not sure I know anyone who doesn’t love a lighthouse. I’m not sure what it is about these stately structures that draw us in, but I am no different. When we recently took a trip to the Outer Banks in North Carolina, I made a list of lighthouses we had not yet seen there and made it my mission to see at least one.

Although the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is probably the most iconic of this area (and has its own unique history), we had seen it many times before. But this year, on a trip north of our beach house, we decided to detour to the see the Bodie Island Lighthouse.

According to the National Park Service website, the Bodie Island Light Station that stands today is the THIRD lighthouse erected for that part of the banks. The first was erected by a man who had no lighthouse…

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Re-blog: The Year My Conscience Awoke

Mitch Teemley

My Real Memoir

My modest brush with “persecution” seemed to kick loose some new level of awareness in me of when I was in 4th Grade. To be honest, there were lots of things that occupied more real estate in my brain: my paper route; improving my spelling and perfecting my signature (see above evidence); making out my Christmas wish list in September; adventure movies like The Swiss Family Robinson and Journey to the Center of the Earth, plus the best comedy ever Some Like it Hot, as a result of which I developed a major crush on Marilyn Monroe; TV shows like The Twilight Zone (“Submitted for your approval…”) and Rawhide (“Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’…”); and singing along with the Chipmunks on “Christmas Don’t be Late” (“Me, I want a hula-hoop!”).

Still, I did deliver newspapers. So I heard that some guy named Fidel was the new…

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