Country Ripples “Use of” Disclaimer

Please keep in mind when reading an article in which I offer tips: I am not an expert in anything. I’m not a doctor, licensed counselor, psychologist, pastor, or teacher. I don’t have any degrees.

I’m a person who in the course of everyday living picked up tips and suggestions that work for me. I pass them along in the hope they will help someone. If they help you, that’s great. Note: Use them at your own discretion. (In one blog post I suggested using white vinegar as a cleaner; I’ve used it with no problems. Later I discovered some people are, in fact, allergic to white vinegar, which is one catalyst behind this disclaimer.)

If I touch on some therapy or supplement which worked for me, please–check it out with a health professional before trying it yourself. Every body is different, and what works for me, may not work or be right for you.

P. Booher