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The Abby Chronicles–Mean Human! Nice Human!


Here I am, ready to write my story!

Chapter VIII

I was in a jumpy mood today–running around, jumping everywhere (sometimes where I wasn’t wanted). This I can’t understand. After all, I’m Abby. Shouldn’t I be wanted everywhere, and on everything? Hmmm, I guess not, from the reactions I got.

Anyway, the younger human picked me up and took me into the living room, where the familiar basin of water tinged with dishwashing detergent awaited me. The human sat down on the couch and proceeded to comb me with the flea comb, picking the fleas off the comb and putting them in the water. The fleas sank, never to rise again. Although the human was happy to get rid of fleas, I was not. I was uncomfortable. The flea comb pulled my fur, and I wriggled around on the human’s lap. She told me things that were supposed to make me feel better, but they didn’t, and a couple times I jumped off her lap and ran away. She picked me up and took me back over to the couch. Mean Human!!

Finally she got the message and said, “Ok, Abby, I quit with the comb.” She pulled a pet wipe from the package and moved the pet wipe over me, starting with my head. At first I wriggled and squirmed, but then the more she ran the pet wipes over me, the more I relaxed. I began to purr. I even allowed her to run the wipes over my belly and paws. The wipes felt so soothing. Nice Human!

Just as I was almost asleep, she picked me up from her lap and put me on the couch. “I’m done, Abby.” Mean Human!

A caution for any fabulous feline out there thinking of moving in with humans: it takes a lot of patience to do so. Humans are unpredictable, and the minute a cat thinks the house is run for the cat, the humans do something to throw that thought process off. (Of course, we felines don’t let it bother us, and we always manage to set things right.)

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The Abby Chronicles–I Am a Working Cat!


Here I am, ready to write my story!

Chapter IV

I know cats have a reputation for just lying around. SOME cats may lie around and be lazy. I, however, am Abby. I have work to do–roles to fill.

I am my household’s mouser. I am responsible for keeping the rodent population under control. Please note that even though I have only one good eye and one good ear, I caught and killed a mouse. The smelly little thing was hiding like a coward between the kitchen wastebasket and the sink cabinet. I grabbed it in one swift movement! I bit down hard on its neck, brought it out from the darkness of the battlefield, and dropped it on the rug. The mouse did not move (I knew it wouldn’t; I made sure of that!). The younger human came in, praised me, found a shovel, scooped up the mouse on the shovel and took the pest outside. I think the humans were amazed I could catch a mouse. But–I am Abby, the Determined! Continue reading


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