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Friday Photos–More Bonsai and Palms, with Ferns too

Enjoy some more photos from the flower show my friend and I attended.

I saw examples of God’s creative flourishes over and over, in the bright colors of flowers, in the subdued, but lush, beautiful greenery of the bonsai, palms and ferns, in the various patterns of bark on the bushes and trees. His creativity spilled over to the way men prune and shape the bonsai (often to reflect the way trees grow in the wild), and the way the flowers, bushes, and trees are displayed at the show. One manifestation of creativity inspires another. I never expected to see such lessons at a flower show, but I did.

Third Bonsai

Author Photo

Second Bonsai at Phipps

Author Photo

Lrg. Bonsai Tree

Author Photo

More Palms,2

Author Photo

Ferns at Phipps

Author Photo

If you are interested in learning more about bonsai, palms, and ferns, check these sites out:





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Friday Photos–Bonsai and Palms

Here are some more pictures from the flower show my friend and I attended.  The first two are examples of the Japanese art of bonsai. Some of the trees in the Bonsai Room were 30 or 40 years old; one tree was 50 years old. In the second photo, there is a miniature figurine “fishing” at the edge of the container. The show also has many palm trees from around the globe, and the third picture displays some of the palms.

I discovered the flower show to be an unusual and fun way to learn geography, as many of the flowers and plants, particularly in the Spice Room and the Palm Room, were displayed with small plaques telling what part of the world the plants come from.

Bonsai, PhippsBonsai and miniature figure

More palms at Phipps

For more info. about the art of bonsai, check out: https://www.bonsaiempire.com, and https://dengarden.com.

For info. about the many forms palms take: look at: https://www.britannica.com/plant/palm-tree.

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