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Christmas Music Suggestions

I enjoy listening to music, especially at Christmastime. Music contributes so much to the season.

One of my favorite CDs is by Percy Faith and his orchestra: “Music of Christmas”. The first track is a majestic rendition of “Joy to the World”, followed by carols such as “Silent Night, Holy Night”, “Deck the Halls”, and others thought of as traditional. Bonus tracks include “Toyland”, “March of the Toys”, “Be A Santa”, and “Brazilian Sleigh Bells”. There are 19 tracks on the CD.

Over 20 years ago I heard Mannheim Steamroller’s version of “Silent Night”(“Stille Nacht”) on the radio, from their album titled, “Mannheim Steamroller Christmas”. The ending sent chills–good chills–down my spine, as I envisioned the innocence of the Baby in the manager. I remembered the group’s name and eventually bought the cassette tape, then as it wore out, bought the CD. Mannheim Steamroller brings their unique sound to Christmas carols. The group has other Christmas albums out as well.

John Tesh’s “Christmas Worship” CD is another favorite of mine, along with “Winterlude” and “Piano Winterlude”. These albums give a listener music to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas: God sending His Son to the world, as a baby.

Most of the songs on these CDs are instrumental; as a change of pace I listen to “The Andy Williams Christmas Album”, which is sung by Andy Williams.

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