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Diving Into a Sea of Books–Praying at the Sweetwater Motel


As an avid reader, I get excited about the great number of books out there to read, either for entertainment, education, inspiration or with some books, all three. The quantity available in print, audio, and e-books reminds me of the vast amount of life in the oceans, so I call these book reviews “Diving Into A Sea of Books”. As with diving into an ocean looking for interesting objects, diving into books means you come across mixed results: over here, a book you don’t bother to finish, over there, a “treasure”–one that you like so much you can’t wait to reread it, and over there, a book you read and think, “Meh”.

Praying at the Sweetwater Motel by April Young Fritz, a novel for pre-teens, is told from the point-of-view of twelve-year-old Sarah Jane Otis. Sarah Jane’s family breaks apart after her father physically abuses her mother and then, for the first time, hits Sarah Jane as well. Sarah Jane’s mother flees and takes Sarah Jane and her younger sister with her.

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