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Friday “Walks”–Walking a Different Way

Photo Credit: P. Booher

It occurred to me that any time I act in a way I’m supposed to in order to please God (choosing humility over envy, for instance) and I don’t act in a way I am used to acting, I am taking a step forward in faith. To me it’s in faith because it’s choosing a different attitude than I’ve done before. I’m “walking on different ground”, so to speak. For me, it takes a bit of courage because attitudes and thought patterns can become so engrained in your heart and mind that it seems those old patterns are what you are to do. But those old patterns don’t lead to happiness, joy, and peace. The new patterns do, and that’s refreshing and calming.

Scriptures to consider: Romans 12:1,2,9-21, Romans 15:13, 1 Thessalonians 5:15-18, James 1:19, 20, Psalm 1:1-3, Psalm 34:4, Psalm 37:1,2,7

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A Joyful New Year

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I’m breaking with tradition: I’m wishing you a Joyful New Year, rather than a Happy New Year. Why?

I read somewhere that happiness is dependent upon circumstances, but joy is not. Joy can be found in less-than-good situations, and joy is deeper and richer than happiness.

I want to make this a year in which I emphasize joy, instead of happiness.

(Yes, I’m aware I’m a day late posting this–actually two days late, for those living on the other side of the Date Line. A cold ambushed me several days ago, and yesterday I was feeling its effects, what with an energy level that went up, and then down. Still, I’m feeling much better than I could be, and for that, I’m grateful.)

Have a Joyful New Year!

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