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The Abby Chronicles–My Humans are Entertainment Directors


Here I am, ready to write my story!

Chapter XV

We cats are intelligent animals. Any intelligent creature, such as cats, humans, ( and those slobbery, loud creatures known as dogs—ugh!) can become bored. I get bored, and then I get into what the humans I live with call “trouble”. I don’t call it “trouble”; I think of it as “amusing myself”.

Eventually the humans had enough of my antics, so now they are my entertainment directors. One of them brought out a catnip-filled sock, which is good for sniffing, sleeping on, and occasionally kicking vigorously. The other human produced a catnip-filled toy about the size of a mouse. Unlike a real mouse, this toy is tied to a stick. The human takes the stick and jerks it in the air or moves it across the carpet. That’s when the real fun begins. I give the toy some swift paw action, just to let it know who’s boss. I jump up in the air or stand up on my hind paws to swat it. Sometimes I bite it. I pretend not to realize the other end of the stick is held by a human (but as I wrote, we cats are intelligent).

Humm—I just realized something. As the humans are entertaining me, I am entertaining them!


©P. Booher, secretary

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