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There Is Life After High School

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I don’t have fond memories of my school years. I was picked on from about second grade through eleventh grade. I never knew what would bring the teasing on–perhaps being the only person in second grade to have to wear glasses? (This was long before contact lenses.) Or maybe it was my shyness–often I couldn’t think of anything to say in peer-to-peer conversation, so I was quiet. (When you are in school, any little difference from what is considered “normal” makes a person ripe for picking on.) Maybe the teasing of the moment revolved around my non-existent athletic ability (if a team had to pick me, the kids groaned and I wished for the ground to swallow me). Continue reading


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Friday Photos–Abundance II


“…I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” Jesus, John 10:10b (KJV)

Some years ago while I was sitting on the couch, not really thinking of anything, a picture showed up on the screen of my mind. In the picture, flowers of all kinds and colors stretched before me as far as my eye could see. I believe God gave me a picture of abundance.

I’ve thought of abundance as what I have and what I receive from other people. I guess that’s natural, particularly in the culture I live in. Lately, this occurred to me: what if it’s also about what I give–from what God gives me? What if I am walking in that abundance right now and don’t recognize it?

After all, to God, life and abundance are more than material, they are also spiritual. Think about it: If life and abundance to God meant just material things, Jesus would have been born in a palace, not a stable; He would have lived in the finest house with lots of servants, He would have come at the head of a convoy of camels loaded down with bags of money to reward all His followers, many Scripture verses would not be in the Bible, and, lastly–I suspect He would not have died on a cross nor risen again. His values would not have been any different from the world’s. But because God’s values are different, His ideas of life and abundance are different. They run deeper than just what we can see. He considers abundance the way He sees it so important, so necessary for us that Jesus came to live among us.

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