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Gaining Personal Peace–aka Choosing to Let Go

“…seek peace, and pursue it.”  Psalm 34:14b (NIV)

The other day I spoke with a person I used to work for. I can’t say that I liked the person; I respected him.

When I worked for the person I tried to avoid him. That’s always been my way of dealing with people I don’t like.

But the other day I sought him out.  Somehow I felt I needed closure, even though I no longer work for the person. My situation had changed; his situation is changing, due to circumstances beyond his control.

He had some time to talk as he worked. We talked of the changing circumstances, of new possibilities and potential. I got my closure; I got the peace that comes from choosing to let go of grudges and resentments. I’m learning no matter how valid those grudges and resentments may appear to be, holding onto them means I pay a huge price–inner turmoil that spills over into unrelated areas and that can result in physical problems. Choosing to let go means gaining precious peace, strength and wisdom–and a lighter feeling inside!

©P. Booher

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