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Friday Photos–Spring, and Summer!

Here’s a couple photos to help envision warmer, milder weather, even if it’s not where you’re at right now. Enjoy, and look forward to what’s coming!

Daffodils–sunshine in bloom!


Daylilies and Crown Vetch

Daylilies and Crown Vetch

These orange daylilies grow wild. Once started in an area, they can take it over, but come June or July they add a bright touch of color to wherever they grow. They grow in areas with poor soil, which for me is a bonus, as much of the ground around the house tends to be clay, shale, and rock.

The purple crown vetch also grows wild, but in some areas road crews deliberately seed it, as the crown vetch controls erosion and adds colorĀ  and beauty while doing so.

P. Booher


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