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A Thrifty Way to Buy Books


If you, like me, enjoy reading, but shudder at the thought of paying high prices at the bookstore, check out your local library.
In addition to offering thousands of books available for people to borrow, many libraries set aside a permanent section of used books for sale. That section may be as large as a room, or as small as a table.

Don’t let the word “used’ fool you: some of the books are in like-new condition. Some are, in fact, new books. Occasionally libraries acquire duplicate copies. The duplicate is placed in the “For Sale” area. The only thing these books don’t have is the $10-$20+ price sticker!

During my trips to local libraries, I have come across hardback books in like-new condition, priced at $1.00. Depending on your library’s policies, you may find even better bargains!

CDs and DVDs, particularly children’s titles, pop up on for sale tables too.

As a bonus, your purchase of used books, CDs or DVDs benefits your local library.


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