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Another Weapon Against COVID: Humidity!

Photo by Barbara Webb on Pexels.com

Earlier this month I wrote about the part Vitamin D plays in keeping the immune system healthy, and so warding off the coronavirus. You can find that post here: www.countryripples1.blog/shout-out-to=vitamin-d.

I discovered another weapon in the war against COVID-19: humidity. In the summer I’m not a fan of humidity. Hot, humid summer days knock the stuffing out of me. That changes in the winter, though, as my nose and sinuses protest against the dry, furnace-heated air. We generally have a tea kettle filled with cinnamon water on the kitchen stove, and a vaporizer steaming in the living room.

An article in Scientific American online pointed out the importance of an indoor relative humidity of 40%-60%. The researcher wrote that COVID thrives in the dry air of well-insulated homes, but raising the humidity level to that range changes the indoor environment to one not suitable for the virus. Beyond that range, however, tips the scale to a too-moist environment, setting the stage for mold to grow.

You can read the entire article here: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/another-way-to-protect-against-covid-beyond-masking-and-social-distancing.

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