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Depression–“a heavy spirit”

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The past six months I’ve been hit by a variety of health issues. Among them was a bout with depression, that darkness my doctor called “a heavy spirit”. For me, I felt as though my spirit was being crushed. I couldn’t find joy in the simple things I usually find joy in; I couldn’t get relief in the simple ways I could before; I felt as though I could cry at the drop of a hat; I had to push myself to do normal, everyday responsibilities. Continue reading


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Save Stress–Ask Questions and Keep Asking

I remember being told by my eye doctor, “I’m going to refer you for cataract surgery.” The next six months were filled with anxiety, visits to the surgeon’s office, and lots of eye drops, in preparation for surgeries to remove cataracts in both eyes. Despite information from the surgeon’s office, I felt left out. Some of my questions were never answered; some questions received two or three answers, any one of which could be the right answer. Part of my problem was I was so terrified of the idea of surgery I couldn’t think straight. I felt as though my brain shut down and I didn’t know what questions to ask. That experience led me to write this heads-up to anybody told he needs surgery.

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